Plan to turn Barnett Avenue over to county 6 votes shy of passing

May 03, 1994|By Mary Gail Hare | Mary Gail Hare,Sun Staff Writer

Residents of Barnett Avenue in Eldersburg were unable to muster the required number of votes to transfer their private road to the county yesterday.

Although those attending a public hearing all voted in favor of the proposal, they fell six short of the county requirement of two-thirds of the property owners in the neighborhood.

"No-shows are no votes," said George Lahey, a county attorney, of the 14 owners who did not appear at the hearing.

The Carroll County Commissioners will give all 29 property owners another chance to vote on the proposal. A second hearing will take place at 1:45 p.m. Monday in the County Office Building.

With a favorable vote, the county would seek construction bids for the project and schedule a final hearing to review costs.

Property owners would pay 75 percent of the estimated $121,570 to repave the 2,426-foot road, which runs from MacBeth Way to Lee Lane.

If the proposal is adopted, the county will lend the residents their share of the repaving cost, to be repaid at no interest over 10 years.

Several residents said they will be unable to attend the next hearing, but left notarized proxies showing their approval for the proposal. Many of them said that paying construction bills, which range from $2,781 to $10,203, is their only option.

"Just drive down my road, and you will know why we want the county to take it over," said resident Charles Dells. "It is the only way to get a smooth, decent road."

Resident Allan Frease said adopting the proposal is the only way to save his car.

Potholes in the road are deep and numerous, he said.

"The county dug up both sides of the road for water and sewer lines, and patched, but didn't repave," Robert Muhl said. "Normal driving deteriorates the road."

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