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May 02, 1994

Loch Raven unsuitable for golf

John Steadman's April 18 commentary regarding the Pine Ridge golf course expansion showed very little evidence that he has followed the dictates of good reportage and checked out his facts and sources.

If the city employees who used to run the courses had operated under the same conditions agreed to by the Baltimore Municipal Golf Corp., they would have been able to keep the courses in good condition and probably added to their number.

BMGC, after all, is allowed to keep the surplus it generates as capital to be used in upgrading and improving the courses, and apparently to build new courses. Instead, past city employees were required to hand all money over and above current operating expenses into the city's general fund.

So the courses went into the inevitable decline. Whether the city employees would have been as successful as BMGC is problematic, as they would likely not have been free from interference, but they never had the chance to prove their capabilities.

At the time Pine Ridge was built, environmental questions were not being asked, nor were questions of legality.

The original grant by the legislature stated specifically that the watershed property should be afforested. It did not say that it was OK to also use it for recreation or whatever somebody might think was a good idea.

A watershed has a very specific and unequivocal purpose -- to control the flow of rain water into the reservoir in such a fashion that it is cleansed of pollutants and nutrients, and soil erosion into the water is minimized.

There is no better system than an old, undisturbed forest to accomplish this objective.

Unfortunately in the case of Loch Raven Reservoir, this objective has not been met, primarily because those who controlled the watersheds did not understand their responsibilities.

At the time, they believed that it was all right to log the forest, develop hiking trails, golf courses and the like.

The watershed suffers today because of this lack of big-picture understanding.

A proper watershed is an ugly thing, a forest primeval, where trees live, die, fall over and rot, and underbrush struggles to survive. It is not a park, nor is it a commons, to be exploited by anyone who comes along.

There is no acreage in the watershed available to use for a golf course. All the land is taken.

I do not drink the water from Loch Raven Reservoir, but my children and grandchildren do, along with a million or so other people.

I do not want their source of water jeopardized for the pleasure of a relatively small segment of the population.

BMGC should take its money and search for golf course land elsewhere. Mr. Steadman should return to basics.

Jim McCoy


Health plan

Why don't the Clintons tell the truth about their health care plan?

It will cost everybody more money for less quality and less coverage than they now have.

Also, some bureaucratic decision-makers will decide if you are entitled to the treatment that is necessary to save your life. They could decide you are too old to be bothered with.

Rhetoric to the contrary, the Clintons must know their plan will result in rationing.

They claim the cigarette tax will pay for everything, but their favorite representative, Dan Rostenkowski, claims large tax increases will be necessary.

H. J. Herrmann



Our two presidents, Bill and Hillary Clinton, along with all their stooges and sycophants, are roaming the countryside, knocking themselves out, trying their best to get Americans to swallow Hillary's brew of cure-all, snake-oil health care reform.

The words spewed forth are slick and the promises misleading. As the Bible would say, "There is a time for sleeping and a time to be wide awake." Now is not the time for any napping.

Hillary Clinton's madness, if left as is, can severely damage the quality of our nation's health care. There will be rationing, especially for seniors, but also for everyone else.

In certain situations, seniors, infants and others will be refused critical tests and needed treatments on the grounds that their care has become too expensive.

Every aspect of Hillary Clinton's health care plan will be dictated by faceless bureaucrats, appointed by the political geezers in Washington, most of whom you might not even buy a used car from.

Once this madness concocted in secret by Hillary Clinton and her pals becomes set in concrete, there will be no escape. As a matter of fact, trying to get around the dictates of the bureaucrats shall result in hefty fines and even prison terms.

Don't believe the slick words of those who speak with forked tongues. Inform yourselves as to what is at stake here.

Wake up everybody! We have a right to speak out, to do some hollering and to have our input as either additions or changes to Hillary's mad plan. It's our health, our life and death they are messing around with.

Joseph Coltelli

Toms River, N.J.

Society, not social workers, is to blame

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