Daughter of Wayne and Sue Cavey and...


May 02, 1994

JENNY CAVEY, 11, daughter of Wayne and Sue Cavey and sister of Julie, 9, all of Hess Court in Westminster.

School: Sixth-grader at Westminster East Middle School.

Honored for: Placing second statewide in a short-story writing contest sponsored by the General Federation of Women's Clubs, after placing first in the local contest for the Woman's Club of Westminster.

Her story, "Mickey Is Missing," is a whimsical tale inspired by her three trips to Walt Disney World. Mickey Mouse is missing, and several characters from Disney movies try to find him. After Tinkerbell, Peter Pan, Jasmine and others try, Aladdin finds Mickey in the Cave of Wonders, where the evil genie has put him.

"She's a very developed sixth-grade writer," said Jennifer Dolch, Jenny's language arts teacher. "She is creative. She's really a quiet student, and she expresses herself really well in her writing."

Goals: "I want to be a teacher," Jenny said. Elementary language arts is her choice so far, she said.

Comments: Although she might change her specialty, Jenny is sure she'll be a teacher.

"I have really liked all my teachers, and I have a 'school' room in my basement. I take the papers from school and do [lessons there]."

On the inspiration for her story, she said she really enjoyed her latest trip to Walt Disney World in August.

"I thought, when I got back to school, I would like to do a story on Disney World and the movies," she said.

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