A Good Word for County EditorialsFor some time, I have...


May 01, 1994

A Good Word for County Editorials

For some time, I have wanted to commend whoever writes the daily editorials in The Sun on Carroll County affairs. Responsible, incisive, unbiased, the writer consistently looks at Carroll County critically and with sincere concern.

Thanks for a great job, well done.

Phyllis W. Mowbray


Road Trash

I am writing concerning all of the trash we see along our streets and highways in Carroll County, the whole state for that matter. Most of it comes from motorists with open vehicles, like pick-up trucks. They will put things like bags and boxes and tree limbs not roped down on the truck, and drive up the road, just knowing this trash will blow out on to road. . . .

Lloyd Meadows


Mount Airy Elections

The Town of Mount Airy will hold its election for mayor and two councilmen on May 2. It may well be one of the most crucial elections in a number of years. I would like the opportunity to put in a good word for one of the candidates. . . . His name is Robert "Bob" Mead, a former president of our Friendly Acres Homeowners Association.

. . . As a member of the Mount Airy Cable TV Commission and the Carroll County Cable TV Commission he worked diligently to bring Frederick Cablevision into the town. . . .

If elected to the town council, Bob Mead will give the same effort and 30 years of his successful business experience to implement realistic goals which will revitalize the downtown business district. In addition, Bob Mead will understand the problems often faced by homeowners' associations. In 1989, when he was president of Friendly Acres, there was a dispute between the town and the association regarding speed bumps in the development. Fortunately, with Bob's capable leadership, differences with the town council were negotiated and the matter settled to the satisfaction of the homeowners.

. . . As a taxpayer, he addressed the council during the 1989 budget hearing and questioned the administration's failure to give the citizens the legal two weeks' notice to advertise the hearing. At that same public hearing, he was the spokesman for more than 200 citizens who had signed a petition protesting the 25 percent property tax hike introduced by then-Mayor Linda Boyer. Will Bob Mead work for less spending and lower taxes? You can rest assured he will. . . .

!Theodore E. Bruszewski

Mount Airy

Dell's No Woodpecker

In reference to the editorial cartoon in the April 3 edition of The Sun depicting Commissioner Donald Dell as a woodpecker working on a tree marked as "Forest Conservation Ordinance": As I interpret it to show his desire to destroy the ordinance, I find your cartoonist to be very ignorant about birds.

Woodpeckers bore holes in trees to destroy the insects that may kill the tree. Therefore, Dell would be preserving the ordinance instead of destroying it. But he is still right in persisting to claim it is not needed.

Martin L. Zimmerman


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