25 Years Ago* No child in Carroll County need attend any...


May 01, 1994|By Compiled from the archives of the Historical Society of Carroll County.

25 Years Ago

* No child in Carroll County need attend any class on sex education if the child's parent objects to the course, George E. Thomas, superintendent of Carroll County schools, said last week. The ruling was part of an 11-point report on the controversial topic of sex education. -- Democratic Advocate, April 7, 1969.

50 Years Ago

* Under the sponsorship of the Emanuel (Baust) Evangelical and Reformed Church, near Tyrone, Md., a new Boy Scout troop has been organized in Carroll County. This new troop, known as Tyrone Troop No. 394, was registed by Field Executive Swalwell this past week. The scoutmaster of the new Troop is Nevin W. Crouse. On the troop committee representing the church are: Rev. Miles S. Reifsnyder, chairman; Ira A. Roukey; W. J. Ebbert, and Walter T. Haines. Rev. Reifsnyder was named as the institutional representative on the Carroll District Committee. The new scouts in Troop No. 394 are: (Bob White Patrol) Marlin Hiner, patrol leader; Harold Garner, assistant; Earnest Barnhart; Alton Haines; (Flying Eagle Patrol) Edward Haines, patrol leader; Kenneth Stahley, assistant; Stanley Baner; Charles Young, and George Brown, Jr. -- Democratic Advocate, April 7, 1994.

75 Years Ago

* While in town Tuesday morning, Charles Weller lost an envelope containing $1,000. If this has been found by some honest person, there is no doubt it will be returned once he has learned the loser, as Mr. Weller offers a handsome reward for its return. This reward will justly belong to the finder, while should he choose to keep the find, he will be constantly haunted with the suspicion that he is being watched or may be found out later. -- Union Bridge Pilot, April 4, 1919.

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