Balkan Update

May 01, 1994

Bosnian Serb soldiers attacked U.N. peacekeepers in Gorazde. U.N. officials said British soldiers fought a gunbattle with Serb troops Friday southeast of the town, a quarter-mile inside Gorazde's 1.9-mile exclusion zone. As many as three Serbs were killed. There were no British casualties.

A report from U.N. aid workers in the area said military observers were continuing to find military equipment "in violation of the NATO ultimatum." It also said military observers reported "burning of houses continuing" outside the 1.9-mile zone.

A U.N. report said Serb civilians "continue to arrive to populate areas under their control," including Hubjeri, in the northeastern part of the exclusion zone around Gorazde.

A Danish tank squadron also reported a 90-minute exchange of shellfire with Serb artillery near Tuzla, another Muslim enclave. No casualties were reported.

Serb and Muslim-led government forces were reported building up around Brcko, the narrow point of a Serb-held corridor linking Serb holdings in Croatia and western Bosnia with Serbia proper.

A French Puma helicopter was hit in the tail by smalls arms fire as it landed at Sarajevo airport yesterday. There were no injuries. The shots appeared to come from Serb positions.

In an apparent show of force, NATO war planes made two screaming, low passes over Sarajevo yesterday.

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