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May 01, 1994


Editor: I really enjoyed your article on "Vanishing Lives" [March 13]. It reminded me of a time without malls and fast food, etc. A time when you knew everybody and could leave your doors unlocked. I loved the article but feel sorry for days gone by. Thanks. Keeps up the good work. It's hard to find anything remotely happy in these stressful days now!

Ed Lages


Editor: Finally! A really great issue of the Sun Magazine. The March 13 issue filled with short, interesting articles by John Sherwood and beautifully illustrated by Edwin Remsberg was terrific.

The "departments" are always good, but why can't you produce more issues like this one instead of devoting entire issues to one or two individuals, goofy styles which few people wear or can afford, opulent houses (few can afford) or weddings -- not everyone is getting married, you know!? (Besides, there's scads of bride books around.)

My guess is that people would enjoy the magazine more if you wouldn't devote an entire issue to one subject and have more short articles.

Frances Miller


Editor: Regarding your story in the March 13 issue on beaten biscuits:

My mother made the best beaten biscuits in the county, as attested to by the many blue-ribbons she won at the county fairs each year. Most local people wouldn't even enter the contest if they knew Mother had entered.

Mother was short (4 feet 11) and weighed 98 pounds on a good day. She did not always have the strength to beat the bread as much as was necessary, so she came up with a plan. She had an old washing machine wringer that was turned by a hand crank. She sterilized it and ran her dough through it over and over till she had it right. She also used to give it a few cracks with a baseball bat and would let us kids do it also.

Baking day was always special for us four children because Moma always made four small loaves for us. We would make a hole in the loaf and smear it with butter and fill it with brown sugar. We eagerly awaited our weekly treat.

I am now 63 years old and I can still taste our treat every time I smell fresh bread baking.

Betty McDonald

Severna Park

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