Mount Airy Endorsements

April 29, 1994

Mount Airy municipal election will be held tomorrow. an editorial last Friday had the wrong date.

* The Sun regrets the error.

The town government of Mount Airy has to deal with a number of forces beyond its control. Tucked into Carroll County's southwest corner, in a pocket of rapid growth, the town must contend with the consequences of land use and development decisions made not just by county government in Carroll, but by Frederick, Howard and Montgomery as well. The boundaries of the four counties meet just outside the town.

Mount Airy's elected officers must develop a plan to address the burgeoning traffic and the demand on parks and other public facilities generated by the intense development outside the town. When Mount Airy voters go to the polls Tuesday to select a mayor and two council members, they will be electing people who will have to tackle these issues.


Mayor Gerald Johnson is unopposed for another four-year term. For two vacant seats on the town's five-member council, three candidates are on the ballot.

Delaine Hobbs, the current council president who has served eight terms, is seeking re-election to take care of a "few things I haven't finished." Mr. Hobbs, the owner of People's Lumber on MainStreet, also realizes that greater effort is needed to revitalize the core business district. He has been an important player in town governance for the past three decades. With his commitment to public service and his in-depth understanding of town business, he deserves another term.

Robert Mead, a car salesman, has devoted much of his spare time to community affairs. He has been a member of the town's cable television commission and has presided over the board of the Friendly Acres Homeowners Association. Mr. Mead also recognizes that downtown needs attention. He ran unsuccessfully for the council in 1990, losing by 21 votes. He deserves to be elected this time.

The third candidate, Michael Boyer, owner of a computer store, doesn't feel the council has been attentive enough to details or to the community. While Mr. Boyer could make a contribution to council deliberations, personal and business-related financial problems may detract from the time he could devote to town business.

The Sun recommends a vote for Delaine Hobbs and Robert Mead in Tuesday's election for Mount Airy Town Council.

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