Paul Eicholtz was a mild-mannered radio engineer before...

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April 28, 1994

Paul Eicholtz was a mild-mannered radio engineer before Orioles broadcaster Jon Miller turned him into an international spy. Over the years, Miller has spiced up Orioles broadcasts with tall tales about the --ing "Dr. Paul." Eicholtz spoke recently with Sun staff writer Mark Hyman.

Q: Thanks to Miller, radio listeners know you as a mysterious double agent who drops by the booth between trips to former Iron Curtain countries. How did the legend begin?

A: I don't remember the first time, but I do recall a few nights in 1988 when Jon ended the broadcast saying, 'Our engineer has been Paul Eicholtz.' And then he said, 'Nah, that doesn't sound right. . . . Dr. Paul Eicholtz. . . . That's what it's going be from now on.'

Q: What are the most outrageous stories Jon has made up about you?

A: He is constantly on the CIA thing. He talks about Dr. Paul and his raincoat. That Dr. Paul has just come back from Bulgaria. The station gives me one week of vacation during the season. The first year, '88, I'm told Jon made some reference to me going to East Germany or Russia. I was in Ocean City.

Q: Do other Oriole broadcasters refrain from joining in the Dr. Paul fantasies?

A: Chuck [Thompson] won't do it, and I have never asked why. I don't want to embarrass him. Fred [Manfra] did it once.

Q: Do you own a trenchcoat?

A: Yes I do. And it's dirty.

Q: Have you been to Bulgaria?

A: No.

Q: Now for a sensitive one. Do you work for the CIA?

A: That's a different story. I never say I do, and I never say I don't.

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