Havre de Grace Endorsements

April 28, 1994

Troublesome issues of annexation, costs of municipal services, sewage plant improvements and balancing tourism with residential needs head the list of concerns that municipal government in Havre de Grace must deal with over the next few years. Underlying these challenges is the urgent need to expand the tax base, which has not kept pace with the population growth in this city of 9,000 residents.

Havre de Grace goes to the polls next Tuesday to elect three members of the City Council, which will have to confront these issues.

Eight candidates are vying for the two-year terms. Two of the eight are incumbents, the other six have never been elected to city office.

Henry J. Schreiber, manager of a credit card center and a retired policeman, ran unsuccessfully for council last year and has remained active in community affairs, monitoring the actions of the council and representing homeowners in the new Bayview Estates area. His thoughtful insight into municipal issues and their financial implications, plus his commitment to civic service, strongly recommend him for election this year.

Anna Jones Long has served a decade on the council, advancing a number of worthwhile causes. Her eagerness for expansion through annexation must be tempered with the recognition of future costs to the city, but she is well aware of the environmental impacts on the city. She ably represents a broad spectrum of the community with full-time council service and deserves re-election.

Joseph W. Kochenderfer, a retired mathematician-manager at Aberdeen Proving Ground, has demonstrated a capable grasp of city issues and finances during his two terms on the council, serving the past two years as council president. His experience and judgment are valuable to the council discussions and we support his re-election.

Hovering over the discussion of policy issues in this election is the question of the council's proper relationship to the mayor's office. Some candidates are uncomfortable with the seeming lack of independence of the six-member council. Others believe the close working relationship with a strong mayor has helped to promote civic progress. Citizens may be persuaded to make their decisions based on perceptions of that relationship, but we do not think that should be a deciding issue.

In Tuesday's election for Havre de Grace City Council, The Sun recommends a vote for Messrs. Schreiber and Kochenderfer and for Mrs. Long.

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