Balkan Update

April 28, 1994

A Red Cross convoy arrived in GORAZDE with a pump, pipes chemicals and other equipment needed to restore a safe water supply. Withdrawing Serbs destroyed the town's water treatment plant last weekend.

The Security Council unanimously approved another 6,550 troops for Bosnia after delaying action several weeks ago HTC because Washington balked at the additional costs. Some 33,300 troops already are in the former Yugoslavia, including 17,000 in Bosnia.

Secretary of State Warren Christopher said he may meet next week with Western and Russian foreign ministers to push for a negotiated settlement of the war. He said a decision depended on how much headway mediators make this week in talks with leaders of the government and Bosnian Serbs. In GENEVA, Russian and French foreign ministers, Andrei Kozyrev and Alain Juppe, said momentum was building toward a settlement.

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