Council deadlocks on vacancy

April 28, 1994|By Darren M. Allen | Darren M. Allen,Sun Staff Writer

The four Manchester Town Council members passed five resolutions at last night's meeting. But, for the second meeting in a row, none of those resolutions resulted in a replacement for former Councilman Robert Kolodziejski, who resigned last month.

"I'm very disappointed," Mayor Earl A. J. "Tim" Warehime Jr. said. "At the last meeting, I told them to get with each other and negotiate to find someone."

Apparently they didn't, which raised fears that the four will repeat their performance of the 10-vote process they went through last fall to put Christopher D'Amario in the seat vacated by John A. Riley.

In parliamentary maneuvers that took all of five minutes, Council members Charlotte Collett and D'Amario again nominated and voted for Robin Yingling, a council candidate in the last election, and Ray Unger, of the town's tree commission. Council members Kathryn L. Riley and Douglas Myers again nominated and voted for town activist Helen Bankert. Neither duo voted for the other's candidate.

Both votes deadlocked, 2-2.

Mr. Warehime and Ms. Collett expressed concern that the tie votes could signal trouble.

"We need to get a budget passed, and I hope this doesn't happen then," the mayor said. "If they don't adopt a budget resolution when the time comes, we all turn into a pumpkin, right?"

Ms. Riley said she was disappointed that the vacant seat wasn't filled.

Town Manager Terry L. Short, who appeared agitated when he was asked about the council's inability to fill Mr. Kolodziejski's seat, issued a terse "no comment."

In voting last year to fill Mr. Riley's seat, Mr. Kolodziejski -- who cited personal reasons when he announced his resignation -- and Ms. Collett voted together. So did Ms. Riley and Mr. Myers.

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