Peat moss is no miracle


April 28, 1994|By Paula Begoun | Paula Begoun,Knight-Ridder/Tribune News Service

Q: I am using a product called Essence of Time and am including the ingredient list. I have blackheads even though I have used a complexion brush for years.

A: Scrubbing the face, as you have already learned, does not get rid of blackheads, and even switching to baking soda or any other exfoliator won't get rid of them. Exfoliators and scrubs just can't get deep enough to get the plug out; if they could, you would be bleeding, having burned or scrubbed off most of your skin. The only way to get rid of blackheads is by gentle squeezing.

Essence of Time won't change time on your face or anywhere else. In essence, all you are buying is a bunch of standard cosmetic ingredients and a small amount of peat moss. It will probably come as no surprise to you when I state that there is no evidence that peat moss or any other kind of moss or plant does anything for the skin, particularly when mixed in a cosmetic. All this product contains is water, mineral oil, thickener, slip agent, thickener, peat moss, lanolin (can cause breakouts), and preservatives. Not very impressive. This is only a mediocre moisturizer and not very good for someone who has a problem with blackheads.

Q: While perusing fashion magazines with your most recent edition of "Don't Go To The Cosmetics Counter Without Me" in hand, I began to look up the makeup shades used by the artists on the models in the pictures. Interestingly enough, I found that many of the foundations used were deemed by you to be either "too peach, too pink, or too ashen."

A: Often products listed as having been used on the models in fashion magazines are not the products that actually were used. Usually, if a particular company has spent a lot of money on advertising that month, their products will get a plug.

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