Pin commemorates in error

April 27, 1994|By Mark Hyman


It looked like the ultimate in positive thinking, but the Orioles say it's just a humbling mistake.

Yesterday's game at Camden Yards was a giveaway day, with all receiving a commemorative Orioles pin displaying the team's 40th anniversary logo. Also featured are the club's three World Series championship seasons: 1970, 1983 and, of course, who could forget that first dramatic world title in: 1996?

All 48,000 pins ordered by the Orioles had the erroneous date, which should have read 1966.

Orioles officials say they didn't know about the error until the shipment arrived at the ballpark yesterday morning. By then, the gates were open and some fans had received their pins, leaving the club with no choice but to pass out the rest.

"Obviously, the Orioles usually don't do business this way," said Michael Fiorelli, Orioles assistant director of marketing.

Fiorelli said team officials reviewed art work used on the pin weeks ago, and that it was correct. The error apparently occurred when the pin supplier started production.

What's next? Fasten your lapel buttons. Fiorelli says the Orioles are looking into a repeat of pin day, only this time the Orioles' first World Series title will be 1966.

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