Police informant awarded $55,000

April 27, 1994

A police informant was awarded $55,000 in damages yesterday from two Columbia men who beat and stabbed him during a drug deal that went amiss in 1991.

Frederick Simmons of Linthicum was awarded the damages from David Sean Alston and Milton Dwayne Bullock during a hearing before Judge James Dudley in Howard Circuit Court.

A Howard County police officer, Detective Michael Oles III, was awarded $1.1 million in damages from the two men on Monday.

Mr. Simmons and Detective Oles were awarded an undisclosed amount of money in out-of-court settlements with a third defendant, Christopher Paul Young of Columbia.

Mr. Simmons and Detective Oles were attacked by the three men along a path in Columbia's Long Reach village on Aug. 21, 1991.

Mr. Simmons, now serving in the Navy in New Jersey, had agreed to set up the drug deal with one of the defendants for Detective Oles in return for having marijuana possession charges against him dropped, records say.

The three defendants have been released from prison after serving sentences ranging from four days to 11 months. Each entered into a plea agreement on robbery charges.

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