Council to continue study of Annapolis personnel system

April 26, 1994

The Annapolis City Council agreed last night to continue studying the city's personnel system, which an ad hoc committee said needs to be revamped.

Alderman Dean Johnson, a Ward 2 Independent who headed the committee, said many Annapolis employees are underpaid, especially compared with workers holding similar jobs in Anne Arundel County government and at the Naval Academy.

The ad hoc committee began studying the city's personnel system in August after the City Council rejected a consultant's recommendation that department heads be given large pay raises.

Last night, the aldermen agreed that the council's Finance Committee should review the ad hoc committee's report in the next few weeks and try to include changes in next year's budget. The report was delivered to the council earlier this month.

In addition to noting pay discrepancies between the city and surrounding jurisdictions, the committee recommended:

* An update of employee job descriptions.

* A change in the civil service board from an agency that merely reviews complaints to one that actively seeks out and addresses employment inequities.

* Management training for all supervisors.

* A reduction in the number of contract employees.

The committee found flaws -- including a poor understanding of municipal jobs -- in the previous study conducted by Yarger and Associates Inc. of Falls Church, Va. For example, the study referred to the work of a secretary as dealing with typewriters and mimeograph machines, making no mention of word processors and computers.

In an unrelated matter, the council will begin deliberating next year's proposed budget in a public hearing on May 4.

T-shirts stolen from store in mall

Forty-one shirts valued at $754 were stolen from a store in the Annapolis Mall between 9:45 p.m. Friday and 9:45 a.m. Saturday, county police said.

The shirts were taken from the Hey Sports Fans store. Eleven of the shirts were specially made for the store, Katherine Nims, 26, told police. Ms. Nims owns the store. Thirty-four shirts had various sports teams logos and seven were Baysox golf shirts, police said.

Police have no witnesses to the theft.

2 VCRs stolen; doors left unlocked

Two VCRs valued at $800 were stolen Friday from a home on Dreams Landing Way between 8:30 a.m. and 12:40 p.m., county police said.

The thieves entered the house through the sliding rear doors. The owner told police she leaves the doors open so a cleaning crew can have access to her house. The VCRs were taken from the bedroom, police said.

A neighbor told her that a white van with the word LIMITed painted in red on the side drove up to the driveway of the home around 9 a.m., police said. The neighbor asked two men in the van what they were doing in the neighborhood. They told her they were roofers looking for a house, police said.

Burglars take cash in laundromat break-in

Someone broke into the Sweetish Laundromat on Mayo Road around 4 a.m. Sunday and took an undetermined amount of cash, county police said.

Two county officers went to the laundromat in response to an alarm. They found the rear door pried open, but no one was inside, police said.

Whoever broke into the business used bolt cutters to cut the master padlocks off two arcade games and steal the cash boxes, police said. An employee told police the boxes are emptied every Tuesday and that there was no way to determine how much money was in each box.

Police have no suspects.

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