RUSSELL McCALLIE, 11, son of Deborah McCallie and brother...


April 25, 1994

RUSSELL McCALLIE, 11, son of Deborah McCallie and brother of twins Sherri and Terri, 8, of Old Westminster Pike in Westminster.

School: Fifth-grader at Robert Moton Elementary School.

Honored for: Making excellent grades in all areas and pursuing an interest in reading historical fiction, or reading just about anything, said his teacher, Betty Smith.

"Russell has a lot of background knowledge due to personal reading choices," Ms. Smith wrote in a glowing commendation. "He is able to see the relationship of [different] events and their simultaneous occurrence, such as events in Great Britain and the Colonies prior to and during the Revolution."

Ms. McCallie said her son has been an avid reader since he learned to make out letters and words in kindergarten.

A trumpet player and baseball card collector, Russell's interests go beyond his favorite subject of historical fiction.

"He sometimes asks to borrow a book that others are reading, 'to read just for fun,' " Ms. Smith said. Russell also is at home with math, she wrote, and uses math terms comfortably when he's trying to solve a problem with a group of students.

Goals: "I want to be a writer -- any kind of work where I can write," Russell said.

Comments: "I just like reading because you learn things and you get to have fun," Russell said. "I like fiction the most. It's not true, so you can let your mind go." Reading historical fiction is more enjoyable than just reading facts, he said.

He also enjoys writing fiction, and is working on a story called "Islands of Time," about a group of people who go backward and forward in time as they land on islands in the Atlantic.

"I'm going to try to get it published," he said.

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