Aberdeen Mayoral Candidates State Their Cases

April 24, 1994|By RUTH ELLIOTT

The major challenge currently facing Aberdeen is that of selecting a City Council that will truly represent the people and act responsibly on behalf of the people. We have seen two years of the force of the "politics of vested interest" fighting for dominance over the City Council. This is a malevolent disease which has all the signs of becoming a chronic illness. . . .

Apart from this challenge, which, I believe, will determine the future of Aberdeen for the next few years, the city will be tested on various issues:

We have a growing drug problem in two areas of the city. . . . One of my campaign promises is to deal with this type of activity. I am working diligently on this issue before it becomes uncontrollable.

The city of Aberdeen is growing -- not in terms of population, but in area. Expansion of the city must be controlled. It is important that we retain our small-town atmosphere, and it is equally important that the growth of the city is not a burden on the existing taxpayers' pocketbook. . . .

As the federal budget shrinks, . . . the growth in unemployment increases, and income to the city decreases. This problem, not just confined to the city but also a responsibility of Harford County, must be faced and addressed. . . . As the city grows, the downtown business area becomes redundant. The city needs to revitalize this area, to prevent dereliction and the loss of the heart of our city.

My objectives, if re-elected, are many, but the dominant issues ,, must be:

* The selection of a quality water source at a reasonable cost to taxpayers.

* The elimination of drugs in our city.

* A concentration on urban development to broaden the tax base.

* Commercial district management and a revitalization of the downtown area.

* The continuation and conclusion of the road improvement project.

* The preservation of historic homes within the city.

* The construction of the Boys and Girls Club.

* The maintenance of a no-deficit budget.

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