25 Years Ago* The 25 non-unionized employees at the...


April 24, 1994|By Compiled from the archives of the Historical Society of Carroll County.

25 Years Ago

* The 25 non-unionized employees at the Goodyear Retread Plant outside Westminster, who walked off their jobs last week, went back to work after a two-day protest. The major grievances -- low pay and allegedly unsafe working conditions -- have not been directly settled but Earl Warner, a spokesman for the employees, said he feels they have made some headway. -- Democratic Advocate.

50 Years Ago

* The solicitors for the Red Cross of Westminster district have turned over to their chairman, Rev. Edmund Lippy, more than $10,000 that has been collected. In the next few days, the goal of $11,000 is expected to be reached. The pupils and teachers of the Westminster High School showed their patriotism when they contributed $443.32 to Rev. Lippy that was collected from the classrooms. -- Democratic Advocate.

100 Years Ago

* Some strange articles have been transmitted at times through the U.S. mails, in defiance of the law which regulates such matters, but one of the most singular packages ever heard of in that connection was found in a mail pouch at Union Bridge upon the arrival of the afternoon mail on Wednesday of last week. It was nothing less than a cat in such excellent condition that it was evident the singular journey through which it has passed had not deprived the animal of any one of its nine lives. Postmaster J. W. Little was surprised when he opened the pouch and pussy promptly emerged from the recesses of the bag. A probable theory is that the cat belonged to the Baltimore Post Office and retired to the quiet interior of the bag for a nap and in the hurry of making up the mails was not discovered. -- American Sentinel.

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