From The Sun April 24-30, 1844April 25: The Chestertown...


April 24, 1994|By Fred Rasmussen

From The Sun April 24-30, 1844

April 25: The Chestertown, Kent County, News, of Saturday, says: "The season has been, thus far, very favorable for agricultural pursuits. We have peas, stuck, about a foot high -- wheat that will hide a dog, and corn up and harrowed once."

April 27: Barnum, the fine old American gentleman of the City Hotel, of this city, has been styled the "Prince of Hotel Keepers," and we think he is entitled to the honor.

From The Sun April 24-30, 1894

April 28: The Baltimoreans who live in Mount Washington in the summer have already commenced to move to that suburban town.

April 30: A strange evangelist appeared on the streets in the central part of the city yesterday and after addressing a crowd at the pile of Belgian blocks on Lexington Street, between Gay and Holliday, disappeared as quietly as he appeared.

From The Sun April 24-30, 1944

April 24: "Passage to Marseille," at the Stanley, is another red-blooded, two-fisted melodrama tailored to the measure of Humphrey Bogart and Claude Rains.

April 26: Capt. John W. (Bill) Guckeyson, former University of Maryland football star, today destroyed two grounded German airplanes while escorting Flying Fortresses and Liberators on raids over the Continents.

April 29: Featuring among other things, nine old men and one new song, this year's "Poly Follies," presented by the student body of the Polytechnic Institute, opened at the school last night.

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