State plans safety aids for Route 140

April 23, 1994|By Ed Brandt | Ed Brandt,Sun Staff Writer

The State Highway Administration plans to add a Jersey barrier and two stop lights on Route 140 where three people were killed in a head-on collision April 13.

State records show that at least 165 accidents have occurred on a 2.1-mile stretch of Route 140 in northwestern Baltimore County between Interstate 795 and the Carroll County line since 1987. Those accidents resulted in 191 injuries and five fatalities, including this month's deaths. Nob Hill residents complained this week that the SHA had done nothing about the situation.

The SHA, which held a meeting with residents Thursday, will present its plans to the public next month. A spokeswoman said the SHA hopes to make the alterations before the end of the year.

The agency would:

* Erect a Jersey barrier down the middle of Route 140 from Mitchell Drive to Brian Daniel Court, about a half-mile. The barrier would deter head-on accidents.

* Place a stop light at Route 140 and Brian Daniel Drive, which becomes Lauren Court (formerly Woodfield Court) east across Route 140.

* Place a stop light at Route 140 and Gores Mill Road. Left turns at the signals will be barred except for eastbound traffic leaving Lauren Court.

* Lower the speed limit from 55 mph to 50 from I-795 to the Carroll County line.

* Create a "jug handle" turn at Route 140 and Lauren Court. Drivers leaving Nob Hill Park Drive will not be allowed to make a left turn east onto Route 140. They will have to go west on Route 140 about a half-mile, turn right into a "jug handle" at Lauren Court and make a semicircle so that they can turn left onto Route 140 at the light to go east.

* Prohibit left turns from Route 140 onto Nob Hill Park Drive. Drivers will have to continue east about a half-mile to where Route 140 crosses over I-795 and come back on Route 140 to get to Nob Hill.

Last week's triple fatal accident occurred on Route 140 near Nob Hill Park Drive.

Police said a westbound car hydroplaned during heavy rain, skidded across the center line and collided with a southbound car.

Liz Kalinowski, SHA spokeswoman, said the date and site of the May meeting will be announced within 10 days.

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