Doyle doesn't duck leadership role

April 22, 1994|By Kiah Stokes | Kiah Stokes,Contributing Writer

Maryvale Prep's Meghan Doyle is used to earning accolades on the lacrosse field; she already has scored 45 goals and dished out nine assists. Now she and her teammates are looking for more.

No. 9 Maryvale (7-1) wants to win the Association of Independent Schools lacrosse championship this year, hoping to bump the three-year defending-champion Roland Park, ranked No. 2.

And if Doyle, a 5-foot-9, 140-pound junior attackman has anything to do with it, Maryvale will take a huge step in that direction in today's 3:45 p.m. game at Roland Park.

"They [Roland Park] are going for their fourth AIS win. They have a good chance of winning it again," said Doyle, a co-captain, "but we have a good chance as well. They should look to us as being a challenge."

Doyle is the next-to-youngest child in her family of eight, so she's accustomed to meeting challenges. Since the age of 7, when she first cradled a lacrosse stick, Doyle has been proving to her family that she can play, that she can succeed and that she will no longer be the little duck in the "Doyle Pond."

"My nickname is 'Duck,' " said Doyle who inherited the name from her brother Tim, the oldest of five brothers and three sisters, "and we're known as the 'Duck' family. Coming from a large family, sports was a big thing; I learn from lacrosse."

In the classroom Doyle has a 3.95 grade-point average, (a B-plus in her advanced-placement English class prevented the perfect 4.0 grade-point average). Her favorite classes are calculus and English. Doyle believes those subjects will benefit her with whatever major she chooses in college.

"I always wanted to major in physical therapy. And I even think about being a coach or athletic director one day," said Doyle. "But I think I'll major in business."

Doyle also has to think about which sport she will choose in college -- basketball or lacrosse. She averaged 12.5 points and six assists last winter for the basketball team.

Both sports demand quickness and agility. Endurance and stamina is a must. And a go-to player is needed in both sports.

"It is a hard decision for me to make, but I think I will try to play lacrosse in college," she said. "Lacrosse motivates me. I think it's a game that anyone should learn."

Doyle says a key to her success is her pre-game meditation. She closes her eyes and imagines herself doing positive things: scoring goals, creating assists, making defensive plays.

Maryvale coach Mary Claire McFadden says Doyle is an aggressive and tough player who isn't afraid to get into a muddle of people and come up with a ground ball. McFadden believes Doyle would go much further playing lacrosse.

"I want her to go to a Division I school," McFadden said. "But her academics come first. She takes them seriously. She would then have to decide where the athletics fit in."

However, beating Roland Park today is most important to Doyle right now. .

Roland Park coach Wendy Kridel is aware of Doyle the basketball player, but she isn't as familiar with Doyle the lacrosse player.

"I know she's a good athlete. I've watched her play basketball," said Kridel. "But I tend not to get worried about one player who scores most of the points for a team. I'm more concerned about the rest of the players and how they will get the ball to her [Doyle]."

Though Doyle has been getting most of the attention because of her scoring ability, she does not believe Maryvale is a one-man team.

"We haven't been getting a lot of respect," said Doyle. "But I think we will start getting the respect we deserve. Maryvale will ,, continue to rise as a team because we work so well together."

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