THANKS to an $850,000 grant from the General Assembly, the...


April 21, 1994

THANKS to an $850,000 grant from the General Assembly, the new Babe Ruth Baseball Center at the renovated Camden Station is inching toward reality. The question is what to do with the current museum site, the birthplace of the "Sultan of Swat" at 216 Emory Street?

We respectfully submit the following idea. Since the Camden Station exhibit will render the Emory Street rowhouses redundant, why not turn them into a Babe Ruth Birthplace Bed and Breakfast?

Incidentally, Peter Angelos' talk to a breakfast meeting of the Downtown Partnership yesterday was a big hit. Particularly during the question-and-answer period the Orioles owner proved to be both shrewd and candid.

He seemed irked by ticket scalping outside the stadium. He promised to have 90 percent of scalping ended by next season, saying it reflected badly both on the Orioles and major league baseball.

Mr. Angelos' solution is to establish a 10-block area where scalping is prohibited. But he acknowledged that was only part of the solution. He said he will have to do something about the Orioles ticket office as well because "that kind of activity cannot exist unless there is some collusion from the operation. I am committed to stopping that."

Mr. Angelos also assured the downtown business leaders that his ball club's "goal is to play a vital and heavy part in this community." He said the Orioles would sponsor a fund-raiser gala for the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra this year and was planning to do something for the zoo later.

He said that community participation was called for because taxpayers had built the stadium. Or as he put it, "Baseball clubs, as the major sports in general, are subsidized by the government."

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