Hauler no longer accepts yard waste

April 20, 1994

The Union Bridge government is reminding residents that Waste Management, the city's recycling hauler, will no longer accept yard waste.

The hauler's decision is in compliance with the County Commissioners' mandate that grass clipings, sticks and other material that could be composted will not be put in the county landfill after May 1.

Also, residents are also urged not to put recyclables in plastic bags.

Those materials that do not fit in the bins should be placed in a paper bag or a large trash container clearly marked so the hauler will take them, said Kathleen D. Kreimer, the town clerk-treasurer.


* Union Bridge: Union Bridge firefighters assisted Frederick County at a barn fire on Coppermine Road at 7:10 a.m. Monday. Units were out for 18 minutes.

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