Officials to bypass reception

April 20, 1994|By Amy L. Miller | Amy L. Miller,Sun Staff Writer

Carroll County's attendance at a state-sponsored Preakness reception dropped from 10 to three overnight, just because the commissioners weren't impressed with the party's guest list.

Board members voted Monday to purchase 10 $250 tickets to the May 21 Maryland Department of Economic and Employment Development reception at the Preakness.

The tickets were to be for the commissioners, the county's economic development administrator, Economic Development Commission President Paul D. Denton and their spouses.

But when Commissioner Julia W. Gouge questioned whether it would be "efficient" for spouses to attend, she insisted that William E. Jenne, the economic development administrator, should find out who was attending from neighboring counties and whether they would be bringing their spouses.

The board decided yesterday to spend $750 and send only Mr. Jenne, Mr. Denton and Eileen Shields, the county's economic development marketing manager, said Commissioner Elmer C. Lippy.

"No elected official, meaning county commissioner or executive, is going to the Preakness," Mr. Lippy said.

He said Mr. Jenne's quick survey revealed no one from Baltimore or Anne Arundel counties planned to attend the reception.

Harford County will send its economic development director, Mr. Lippy said, and Howard County intended to send members of a county board and its economic development office.

Commissioner Donald I. Dell had said Monday he would be interested in attending the reception if it didn't conflict with his grandson's graduation.

He confirmed yesterday that the youth will be graduating from Western Maryland College on May 21, the day of the reception.

Mrs. Gouge said through her secretary that she "had not planned to go in the first place. It's not her thing."

The annual reception should attract some 3,000 governmental and industry representatives, including officials of Random House Inc., Londontowne Corp. and Magna International, the parent company of Marada in Westminster, Mr. Jenne said Monday.

"A lot of the big movers and shakers will be there, so this is an excellent opportunity," he said. "I think we should also be there to host our local business representatives."

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