Five charged with selling alcohol to minors

April 20, 1994

Employees of five county businesses were accused of selling alcohol to undercover and under-aged police cadets and given criminal citations by county police Friday.

Howard County police periodically make the unannounced checks on local liquor establishments. In Friday's round of checks, all five stores targeted sold to a minor.

The clerks charged are: Rosalie Michell Poe, 25, of Boarman's Market in Highland; Glen Martin Ross 3rd of The Beverage Shop in Lisbon; James Wesley Foster of Foster's Country Store in West Friendship; Ethel May Luffy of Lisbon Liquors in Columbia; and Kristi Renee Rebmond, 24, of Bennigan's in Columbia.

Those charged face up to a $1,000 fine and two years in jail, police said.

Applications accepted for land preservation

Howard County government is accepting applications for its Agricultural Land Preservation Program that purchases development rights from farmers and places a perpetual restrictive easement on the property.

The objective of the program is to support the agricultural community by keeping the land available for farming and slow the impact of residential development in agricultural areas. The program currently has 13,954 acres on 125 farms under permanent easement.

Payment is made through an installment purchase agreement providing tax-free interest payments over 30 years with remaining principal payment at that time.

The average price of an acre in the last group of applicants was $6,000.

The application period ends Oct. 11. Information: 313-5407.


* Highland: 7500 block of Greenwood Drive: Cash was stolen from an elderly woman's home Monday after someone entered through an unlocked kitchen door as she worked in the yard. Minutes earlier, police said, suspects in a gray pickup truck asked the victim if she wanted her driveway resurfaced, which she refused.

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