NASCAR fields are crowded

April 19, 1994|By Tom Higgins | Tom Higgins,Charlotte Observer

With far more entries than there are spots available in race fields this season, Winston Cup qualifying has become the most intense in NASCAR history.

What is it like to sweat out making a show?

Dale Jarrett, who gambled and stood on his first round time of Friday to gain a spot in the First Union 400 field, expressed the emotions he experienced while waiting as the second round was being run Saturday.

"We didn't know if we could go faster, so if you're not sure there's no use running again," Jarrett said. "It's no fun letting everybody line up and shoot at you, but it's better than taking the gun and shooting yourself.

"I dreamed Friday night someone knocked us out of the race. I don't usually dream, and I haven't been sleeping much lately. Then, when I finally do sleep I have a dream that was more like a nightmare."

Jarrett's time held up for the 31st starting spot in a 36-car field.

Had he not made it via time trials, Jarrett wouldn't have raced. His Chevrolet team already has exhausted the three provisional starting spots available to it for the first 10 races.

Another "must" qualifier comes this weekend at Martinsville, Va.

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