Roseanne files for divorce, charges abuse by Tom Arnold

April 19, 1994|By Los Angeles Times

LOS ANGELES -- Roseanne Arnold filed for divorce from husband Tom Arnold, apparently ending a professional partnership feared for its show business clout and a personal union that she says was secretly plagued by physical and psychological abuse.

Ms. Arnold, star of ABC's top-rated "Roseanne" series, filed divorce papers in Los Angeles Superior Court yesterday, three days after volatile arguments broke out between the couple outside the Hollywood set of "Roseanne" and at their Los Angeles home.

In court papers, she wrote: "Throughout our marriage, [Tom Arnold] has been physically and emotionally abusive toward me. I now realize that I am a classic battered and abused wife who has tolerated the conduct . . . only because [Mr. Arnold] has successfully lowered my self-esteem and reduced me into the realm of battered wife syndrome."

The split fueled speculation in many entertainment-industry circles about whether the "Roseanne" series and the couple's several other television and motion picture projects, under their Wapello County production company arm, would be affected.

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