Son of Larry and Judy Tyree of Bachman...


April 18, 1994

TREVIS TYREE, 17, son of Larry and Judy Tyree of Bachman Valley Drive in Westminster.

School: Senior at Westminster High School and the Carroll County Career and Technology Center.

Honored for: Being student of the month at the career center, for his work in pioneering a program to teach computer-assisted design and machining in the machine technology shop.

"We're very proud of what Trevis has done," said William Hill, who teaches machine technology.

Trevis is taking separate computer programs for design and manufacturing, and reprogramming them to work with machines the shop that manufacture parts. Although this type of work is done in industry, it has never been done at the career center, Mr. Hill said.

"We're upgrading our curriculum to include it, but he's working the point for us. He's the front-runner," Mr. Hill said.

Mr. Hill brought in professionals from industry to show Trevis how to integrate the computers and machines.

Goals: Trevis wants to pursue a career that continues his work at the career center, with computer-driven design and manufacturing.

He plans to attend Carroll Community College, then another university, and enter the computer industry after that. Eventually, he hopes to teach computer programming and machining.

Comments: "Sometimes you feel like you want to be just a regular student, but the reward is that it's a real good feeling that I know something very few others in the school do," Trevis said.

Trevis said the career center has been very helpful and encouraged him to pursue the research project.

Also, he said Mr. Hill and the administration allowed him to also take an interim welding class when he got a part-time welding job in Westminster.

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