Registration opens for kindergarten

April 18, 1994

Parents or guardians of children eligible to enter kindergarten in September are urged to contact the elementary school in their residential area this week to register children.

September enrollment in kindergarten is mandatory for children who will be 5 years old by Dec. 31, 1994.

The mandatory attendance law allows parents or guardians to request a level of maturity waiver or to enroll the child in one of three alternate programs.

Parents may apply for a home school instruction program as an alternative to the school attendance requirement.

Parents should bring these documents to registration:

* A copy of the child's birth certificate or other legal document verifying the child's legal name and birth date.

* The child's Social Security number if the parent supports it being used as the child's Carroll County public schools' student number.

* Verification of residence.

* The specific addresses from and to which the child will be transported.

If parents intend to apply for a level of maturity waiver or alternate program, they should let the school know at the time of registration.

For additional information, contact the elementary school in your area, or the Carroll County public

schools' main office at 848-8280.

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