A better idea for making up snow daysI read with amusement...

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April 18, 1994

A better idea for making up snow days

I read with amusement about the problems the Baltimore County School Board had with school closings due to bad weather this winter.

A better solution than the additional hours given to the schools would have been this: Since a half day of school (four periods) is considered a "school day," set aside one "make up day" to count for two days that were missed. Double up on the major subjects and drop the minor ones if necessary . . .

Another idea would be to send home at least four hours of homework for the children to complete.

When they turn in the work, that would count as a "make up day." The extra work could be done over a weekend.

If the teachers could anticipate a missed day, they could assign the work that would have been done in class . . .

. Carole Parks


Gun woes

After reading George Martin's letter to the editor (April 3), I would like to thank the 29 "caring" people who voluntarily turned in guns in Baltimore County. These people should be praised, not berated by Mr. Martin.

My life and views have changed since the day I lost my sister to a gun. If only the gun was absent in her time of despair . . .

If just one of the 29 guns turned in by Baltimore County owners keeps a depressed person from hurting themself, or stops a domestic quarrel from ending in tragedy, or keeps one child from killing another accidentally, it will have been worth the effort involved in destroying the other 28.

You can put a price on a gun, but not on a life.

As far as street gangs, career criminals and drug dealers having more powerful weapons is concerned, perhaps we should start making such weapons impossible to purchase, legally or otherwise.

Lisa Hurka-Covington


Avoid the welfare monster in Maryland

The Evening Sun has endorsed opening the floodgates on Maryland tax dollars to non-English-speaking foreigners with little foresight into the long term problems that will result.

Advocating increasingly larger sums to support educational programs for non-English-speaking people is reckless and naive.

California and Florida are currently bankrupt from trying to meet the demands of wave after wave of illegal and legal immigrants.

The combined pressures of the California welfare and medical assistance systems and the demand that every foreigner be accommodated in his or her native tongue have forced Gov. Pete Wilson to go to extraordinary lengths to appear politically correct -- at the expense of downgrading of quality of life for tax-paying Californians.

This disturbing trend should in no way be imitated here in Maryland . . .

The Evening Sun is irresponsible in asserting immigrants are all eager and willing to become tax-paying, law-abiding citizens. Readers make the dangerous assumption that a few bucks spent now will somehow end up reaping tax-dollar rewards for the society as a whole. Nothing could be further from the truth . . .

In 1917 my maternal relatives immigrated from Russia. They spoke no English, yet in order to become working citizens, they quickly used the network available and mastered more than passable English. Chicago then was hardly going to stop and teach immigrants how to speak English.

A few years later, my paternal relatives immigrated from Sweden. They too managed to learn English without any whining or governmental "program."

Amazingly, these ambitious folks managed to become decent, solid, hard-working middle and upper class citizens, taxpayers . . .

Clearly, coddling new immigrants and kow-towing to their demands for excessive benefits has not produced the fantasy world of happy-faced, employed, law-abiding taxpayers that politicians and the media would have us believe exist.

Rather, the majority of immigrants who reach our shores immediately start looking for the nearest welfare office and giving birth to numerous children who join the welfare system for the rest of their natural lives.

We've created a welfare Medusa that we need to behead, posthaste . . .

eri L. Hagberg

Perry Hall

Read our lips, no socialist health plan

I hope all Americans realize these are the days to speak out against the Clinton health plan. Congress is moving fast to settle this thing one way or another.

Make phone calls, write letters, have meetings, or whatever you have to do to say "no" to this plan.

How do you feel when you see that silly commercial with our president and first lady? They are making fun of the American public because we don't like or want their health plan.

Actually they are telling you they do not care what you like; they know what is best for you. Isn't it sad what the White House has turned into?

I never thought there would come a day when I felt disrespect for the people who represent our government. Certainly they must realize that ridiculous commercial and their running around the country only makes their credibility drop more.

Do you know this plan could bankrupt the country? Do you realize it will destroy the greatest medical care system in the world?

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