Mumm 36 regatta set to make debut


April 17, 1994|By NANCY NOYES

A new regatta for the Bruce Farr-designed Mumm 36, the world's newest international offshore racing class, is coming to Annapolis for the inaugural Ronstan/Mumm 36 East Coast Championship regatta next Friday through Sunday.

Twelve boats will match skill and speed during what promises to be a highly competitive event.

The regatta's Annapolis setting has enticed at least two local sailing notables to charter Mumm 36s for the event. Peter Gordon of Gaucho fame will sail Vanpire, while George Collins, known for his series of boats named Moxie, will sail a Mumm 36 of the same name.

Local and national talent on the race course is expected to include Jim Brady, Chris Larson, Pete McChesney, Max Skelley, Dave Scott, Marc McAteer, Geoff Stagg, Larry Leonard, Terry Hutchinson, Harry Melges, John Bertrand, Ken Read, Dan Neri and John Kostecki.

In keeping with the spirit of maintaining old and developing new sailing traditions, Sailing World has announced the creation of the Sailing World Owner/Driver Award, which will be presented to series winners during the championships and all 1994 U.S. Mumm 36 circuit events.

To qualify as an owner-driver, the helmsman must hold valid title to the boat and must steer a majority of the race including start, finish, and all but one mark rounding. He or she may be relieved at the helm for two legs, but not before the third leg of the race.

Spring practice clinic

UK-Allan Sailmakers will present a spring practice clinic for Catalina 27s and J/30s, April 22-23 in Annapolis. The schedule includes a skippers meeting and crew clinic at 7 p.m. Friday at the UK loft on Severn Avenue in Eastport, and Saturday's on-water practice from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

RSVP before Wednesday to (410) 268-1175.

Interclub Nationals

Severn Sailing Association played host to the Interclub National Championship over the weekend of April 9-10. Some 53 teams of the nation's top sailors were on hand for the nine-race, one-throwout series.

Because Interclubs are, in non-collegiate circles, primarily frostbiting vessels, courses are short by warm-season standards. For this regatta, windward-leeward 1 1/2 courses with half-mile weather legs about 1.25 miles overall were the order of the event.

"You had to get off the line well," said regatta organizer Macy Nelson of SSA. "Pretty much, it was who ever got off the line clean, without being called over, won."

Conditions were generally breezy, Nelson said, with a fairly steady 10- to 18-knot southerly blowing in for Saturday's five races. On Sunday, shifty wind ranged from "zero to some squalls when it would get pretty breezy," Nelson said. The breeze appeared sporadically in the 10- to 12-knot range for the day's four races, however.

Among the talent on the course was Olympic silver medalist Steve Benjamin, fourth overall, and Olympic 420 sailors Neal Fowler, along with Snipe champion Pedro Lorson and plenty of other well-known visitors.

Representing the home team were crews headed by top Annapolis sailors, including Chris Larson, Pete McChesney, Bryan Fishback and Paul Murphy.

Interclub Nationals

1. Geoff Moore, 33.75 (1-3-3-2-[PMS]-3-3-6-13); 2. Charlie Ulmer, 66.25 (PMS-1-1-1-2-2-4-[DSQ]-2); 3. Pedro Lorson, 72.75 4. Steve Benjamin, 75.75 (3-5-2-3- [PMS]-6-2-1-PMS); 5. Jim Gallagher, 78 (16-13-[20]-9-13-7-6-5-9); 6. John Lombard, 81 (5-9-6-8-10-14-5-24-[33]); 7. Neal Fowler, 85.75 (7-6-PMS-4-5-4-1-[DSQ]-5); 8. Kerry Klingler, 101 DNF-13-[DSQ]-3); 9. John Pratt, 113 (12-8-5-20-6-21- [38]-21-20); 10. Rick Rosen, 117 (4-11-[PMS]-7-7-PMS-7-2-25); 11. David Nickerson, 125 (18-[33]-10-14-18-24-8-7-26); 12. Chris Larson, 125.75 ([PMS]-2-PMS-5-17-1-9-16-22); 13. Dana Moore, 126 ([25]-10-11-18-15-13-17-18-24); 14. Doug Schofield, 129 DNF]-25-30); 15. Ted Keenan, 132 (27-14-8-33- [PMS]-16-14-8-12).

Help Max bring home the gold

Friends of Olympic hopeful Max Skelley, who currently is the No. 1-ranked U.S. Laser sailor, will put on a fund-raiser in support of Skelley's quest for gold from 8 to 11 p.m. Friday at the Sobstad Skelley Inner Harbor loft at the Tidewater Yacht Service Center in Baltimore.

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