Why not present yourself with a baseball birthday?


April 17, 1994|By Mark Hyman | Mark Hyman,Sun Staff Writer

The best thing about having a birthday is the presents. Every kid agrees on that.

But there's also the fun of planning a birthday party. Will the cake have purple or green icing? Should your younger brother be allowed to stay in the house when your friends come over?

Here's something worth thinking about: This year, have a baseball birthday party.

You could do this a lot of different ways. The best is to come up with ideas of your own. That way, your baseball party will be different from everybody else's, including Jerry Narron's.

To get you started, try out these possibilities:

* Hire the Oriole Bird. This is a good idea if you like baseball and always wanted to take a picture next to somebody with feathers. The Bird will come to your house, sign autographs and maybe even help cut the cake.

If this sound good to you, call the Orioles [(410) 547-6140]. The Bird charges $75.

* Celebrate with Babe Ruth. He was a great home run hitter, but, unfortunately, he died about 45 years ago. You could have a party in his house, which is now an interesting museum near Oriole Park.

The museum hangs a sign on the door that says you're having a party. Then it lets you invite 20 friends to look at the museum and watch a movie about Babe Ruth. You and your guests then go to a special room to eat cake and other kid stuff.

If you bring your own cake, plates and forks, the Babe Ruth party is $75. If you want the museum to do all that work, and throw in a few extra goodies, it's $150. Find out more by calling (410) 727-1539.

* See the Frederick Keys, eat ice cream. In case you don't know, the Keys are a minor-league baseball team that plays in a new stadium. They'll let you bring your friends and treat them to a dinner of pizza, soda and ice cream.

When the game starts, all your friends get to sit in box seats, which are the best you can get. The Keys also put your name on the scoreboard and announce that you're the birthday kid. (Bring a camera and be ready in the fifth inning.) This party costs $12.50 for each person, not including the gas you buy to get there. Call the Keys at (301) 662-0013.

* Herb's Bargain birthday. If these ideas cost too much, there's another that could be better for you. Go to Herb's Bargain Center on Light Street in Federal Hill. They have lots of Orioles souvenirs there, and most of them don't cost much. Here are a few of the things Herb's has on the shelf this week: Orioles pencils, 50 cents; Orioles magnets, $1; Orioles place mats, $1.

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