Outsiders Can't Judge Police WorkThis is in response to...


April 17, 1994

Outsiders Can't Judge Police Work

This is in response to the "Police Brutality" letter by Frank

Soltis (March 13). I am sorry to hear about the event involving Benjamin Orlando and the two Baltimore City police officers. Unlike Mr. Soltis, I am not so quick to judge, especially in that I have only heard one side of the story.

Mr. Soltis admitted in his letter that both officers had made a substantial number of arrests in their careers and both were given bronze stars and Policeman of the Year nominations. Personally, I am grateful to those men and other police officers for doing their job. Being an officer of the law is by no means a glamorous job and working in Baltimore City is even worse.

Officers Albert Marcus and Christopher Cooper have made 6,000 and 2,000 arrests respectively and this is the first complaint? I would say that that is a pretty good record. Police officers deal with the muck of society every day, and crimes are committed by the poor, middle-class and the wealthy. They were simply doing their job in arresting Mr. Orlando.

. . . Because of television shows and movies, the police are already sensationalized enough. They do not need any more criticism from outsiders who really have no idea what it is like to work on the streets of Baltimore city. . . .

Darlene Papier


Pistol Roll Call

Thank you, thank you, thank you for the roll call (March 23) on the House of Delegates vote on the assault pistol ban. . . .

We are shocked and dismayed to see Harford's Rose Mary Hatem Bonsack, David Craig, Donald Fry and James Harkins voted nay, not to ban the pistols, but pleased that Mary Louise Preis voted to ban the guns. Please keep us posted.

Evelyn Brendle

Havre de Grace

Dublin Heritage

I would like to correct some errors in a quote attributed to me in John Camejo's sketchbook of March 20. Heritage Sunday, observed by many area United Methodist churches on April 24, is not a fund-raising event for Dublin United Methodist Church.

Rather, we are observing Heritage Sunday as a celebration of the life and ministry of our congregation with special programs in our Sunday school, a worship service that will include dedication of our new access ramp, historical displays and an old-fashioned covered-dish luncheon. We do hold a fund-raising event in October, our annual smorgasbord served at the Darlington Fire Hall. Everyone is invited to these and all other events sponsored by our congregation.

Rev. Roberta J. Scoville

Bel Air

Clinton's Non-Reply

I am a 13-year-old middle school student. I think it's very unfortunate that unless we agree with Bill Clinton, we don't receive attention. When children write letters agreeing with the president, he writes back or puts them on a TV show. But if we disagree, we don't matter.

I wrote him a letter disagreeing with abortion and it has been about three months. Did I receive anything? Negative. When my family wrote to Ronald Reagan, we received a letter and booklet. When we wrote to George and Barbara Bush, we got a phone call from Mrs. Bush's secretary. It seems Clinton only cares about people that agree with him. I thought he was everyone's president and that America was a free country so we may disagree and still be citizens.

Jennifer Clark

Bel Air

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