State approves more money for library in fiscal '96

April 14, 1994|By Kerry O'Rourke | Kerry O'Rourke,Sun Staff Writer

The Carroll County Public Library will receive more state money to buy books and materials, but not until July 1995, the library director said yesterday.

The General Assembly approved a measure to increase by $1 per resident the amount that the state gives Maryland counties to spend on libraries, Carroll Director Linda Mielke said.

The new figure, $8.25 per resident, means that Carroll will receive an additional $55,000 to $60,000 for fiscal 1996, she estimated.

The library's board of trustees must vote on how the money will be spent, but it's likely to go toward books and materials, Ms. Mielke said.

Library officials had asked for an increase to $12 per resident, which would have meant an additional $300,000 in state money for Carroll.

This year, the Carroll library system received $417,126 from the state.

Ms. Mielke and Mary Lou Dewey, a Carroll library trustee for 35 years, lobbied legislators in Annapolis for more money.

They said they need to try to compensate for budget cuts over the last four years.

County Budget Director Steven D. Powell has recommended a $4 million budget for the local library system next year, a 3.2 percent increase over this year's budget.

The additional $124,950 will be used to hire a computer technician and pay for maintenance on an automation system installed this year.

Ms. Mielke and the board of trustees have asked the county for $195,000 more to buy juvenile materials for all branches, books and periodicals for all branches and a new carpet for the Eldersburg branch.

The commissioners denied the request last week, but Ms. Mielke said she still hopes they will change their minds.

The commissioners do not approve a final budget until late May.

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