Cattail River Garden Club works to keep flowers and art blooming


April 14, 1994|By SALLY BUCKLER

Wild flowers, art, 4-H projects, the Wye Oak, conservation and herb gardens are a few of the subjects on the agenda of the Cattail River Garden Club this month. Concerned about vanishing wildflowers, the group has sent part of the proceeds from its fall dried flower sale to the Wild Flower Seed Court in Austin, Texas.

The Wye Oak, a 400-year-old white oak in Wye, may soon die, but the CRGC and others are trying to insure that its progeny live on.

Members have donated seedlings to Bushy Park, Lisbon and West Friendship elementary schools, Glenwood and Mount View middle schools and to Glenelg High School. And members are planting eighteen more Wye Oak seedlings at other locations.

For the second year, the club is participating in "Art Blooms at the Walters." Each April the Walters Art Gallery in Baltimore displays floral interpretations of masterpieces from the gallery. Mary Kirwan, Lainy Dunst, Sharyn Bolinger and Liz Donovan are designing an arrangement for the painting, The Vision of St. Bernard, by Pluigio.

Garden club members helped youngsters in the Poplar 4-H Club decorate straw hats, using dried flowers, lace and ribbons. Many decorated hats will be exhibited at the Howard County Fair in August, where the club will award the Avis Selby Pfefferkorn 4-H award for flowers and dahlias.

The tribute in the fair booklet will read, "The Cattail River Garden Club's awards are given in remembrance of Avis Selby Pfefferkorn, a garden club charter member and long-time Howard County 4-H leader who always had a touch with flowers and friends."

The garden club has supported the efforts of teachers and students at Glenwood Middle School who are interested in conservation and an herb garden project. Club members have contributed tools, mulch, plants, bulbs and equipment to the school.

The school's purple martin house is a gift from the club, and now the club will organize a Glenwood junior garden club. Science teacher and school garden leader Carmella Castle says that the students at Glenwood "enjoy and respect the gardens" at the school.


Our community has opened its hearts to Cheryl Primrose who was left paralyzed from the shoulders down in a car accident last fall. Cheryl and her husband Mickey are encouraged by the food, visits and help Western Howard County residents have offered in the last few months. Mickey is working very hard taking care of Cheryl, their two young children and his landscaping business.

Cheryl is in good spirits and improving a bit each day, according to Vicar Harry Brunett of St. Andrew's Episcopal Church.

Now the Primroses desperately need our financial support for nursing care. Donations of any size will help. You can donate to the Cheryl Primrose fund at Citizens National Bank in Glenelg. To offer assistance of food or time, call Jill Whittington at 489-7664 or Trudi Lawson at 442-2459.


Steve and Peggy Davidson of Dayton are going to Anchorage, Alaska. Steve is honored to be the keynote speaker at a Festival of Marriage enrichment weekend there and in Oklahoma City, Okla. later this year.

The Davidsons will hold a workshop at the festivals. Steve is the pastor of the Good News Christian Fellowship, which meets at the South Columbia Baptist Church. The Baptist Sunday School Board sponsored 20 marriage enrichment weekends last year for more than 12,000 people.

It expects more than 20,000 people at this year's programs, all based on the theme "Husbands and Wives -- Best of Friends." The weekends are a combination of workshops, music, and dramatic presentations about marriage. Set in retreat scenes to encourage couples to talk, the festivals give couples encouragement, support and an opportunity to renew their marriage vows. Mr. Davidson serves as the state coordinator for two Festivals of Marriage that will be held in Ocean City in the fall.

Call him at 531-5305 for more information.


Nine-year-old Lindsay Minima made a poster of giant smiling teeth standing on a podium with ice skates and striped socks, winning a gold medal. It proclaimed, "Join the team of winning smiles. Practice brushing every day."

Posted in dentists Joel and Susan Goodman's office in Glenelg, Lindsay's poster won the votes of staff and visitors.

As a first-place winner for third-grade Bushy Park Elementary School students, it was sent to the county contest, where Lindsay's poster won again. Then the poster became a finalist in the Maryland State Dental Association's Council on Dental Health's National Children's Dental Health Month Poster Contest. Lindsay won a $100 savings bond and a memory to keep for a lifetime.


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