Redskins offer to clear 8 acres of trash-ridden land

April 14, 1994|By Katherine Richards | Katherine Richards,Sun Staff Writer

The Redskins will clear 8 acres of debris-filled wetlands as compensation for 4 1/2 acres of wetlands that would be destroyed or damaged by their Laurel stadium, said a spokesman for the organization.

About 4 acres will be used for parking, while less than an acre will be eliminated by stadium construction, said Walter Lynch, the Redskins' stadium project manager. The 8 acres that will be cleaned up are along Route 198 and have become a dumping ground for trash and old cars.

The team is expected to request a special exception from Anne Arundel County tomorrow or early next week to build the stadium in an industrial zone.

The Redskins will also file zoning papers with Howard County within the next few weeks. They will ask permission to move the racing stables across the county line, Mr. Lynch said, which would allow the construction of a parking lot on the land between the race track and Brock Bridge Road.

Mr. Lynch said the Redskins' plan provides for more than 20,000 parking spaces, even if no parking spaces are created inside the racecourse oval.

Robert Dvorak, Anne Arundel County's director of planning and code enforcement, said he cannot comment on the Redskins' wetlands proposal until he sees the zoning application.

The protection of wetlands has been a major concern of some stadium opponents.

Nick Ruggiero, chairman of the zoning committee of Citizens Against the Stadium II, said he doubts that the Redskins can squeeze adequate parking onto the site and avoid damaging the wetlands.

"We're just going to have to wait and see," he said. "This will all be played out in court."

Anne Arundel County law requires one parking space for every two stadium seats, said Mr. Dvorak.

"Nobody knows where this number came from," he said. "Nobody anticipated building a stadium."

Anne Arundel County law would allow the Redskins credit for up to 25 percent of the required seats if mass transit facilities were available, said Mr. Dvorak.

With that credit, the team would need 29,250 parking spaces for the 78,600-seat stadium.

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