MARYLAND tax officials have made it easier to file by...


April 13, 1994

MARYLAND tax officials have made it easier to file by computer -- but not too easy. Your printer has to be able to print a facsimile of the state tax form -- and to reproduce a bar code identifying the preparer.

This eliminates most dot matrix printers, according to a spokesman for Comptroller Louis L. Goldstein, but not most laser printers.

Another complaint heard this year from preparers is having to print numbers between yellow lines that are all but illegible on the state tax forms.

Such is progress.

...* * *

THERE'LL be a president coming (Judy Jolley Mohraz) and a president going (Rhoda M. Dorsey) at Goucher College this summer.

There'll also be a Sophie.

Sometime after July 1, Dr. Mohraz and her family will move into the President's House on the Goucher campus. The household includes the family's golden retriever, Sophie.

In retirement, Dr. Dorsey will move just a few miles away and remain active in Baltimore affairs. She'll take with her a cat of, ah, mixed pedigree, Sophie.

Sophie Dorsey is a gourmand (particularly fond of freeze-dried fish) and social animal who has sniffed out many a guest at Dorsey dinners and cocktail parties. It remains to be seen whether Sophie Mohraz carries on the tradition.

A reliable source says that the two Sophies have met -- and have discovered that they have little else in common.

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