AND now a word from our friendly state comptroller, Louis...


April 12, 1994

AND now a word from our friendly state comptroller, Louis L. Goldstein, as that dreaded April 15 deadline approaches for conscientious Maryland taxpayers:

"Last Minute Reminders

"-- Round all dollar figures.

"-- Write neatly as possible in blue or black ink.

"-- Use one staple to attach W-2's and other documents.

"-- Use the worksheet on Page 7 of the Maryland tax booklet instructions to calculate your standard deduction.

"-- If itemizing deductions, attach a copy of your federal Schedule A.

"-- If claiming the state child care benefit, attach a copy of whichever federal form you filed to substantiate the child care expenses.

"-- Double check all calculations.

"-- Sign your return. If someone else prepared your return for you, have them sign also."

Mr. Goldstein also reminds us that roughly 70 percent of this state's tax filers -- 2.2 million are expected to file by April 15 -- will receive refunds from his office in Annapolis. So far, the paybacks on 650,000 refund checks have averaged $404 this year. Happy days. But remember, you've got to file to win.

Salmagundi is pleased to bring you this public-service information. But we don't answer questions.

That's the comptroller's job, at 1-800-MD TAXES.

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