New sinkhole to be repaired at Medford and Avondale roads

April 10, 1994

A sinkhole discovered during a routine survey will be repaired starting tomorrow, according to county officials.

The sinkhole is at the intersection of Medford and Avondale roads, off Route 31, in and around a drainage ditch at the side of the road.

The site is not far from another sinkhole, 35 by 40 feet and 18 feet deep, that opened up without warning and swallowed a large section of Route 31 on March 31.

A motorist was fatally injured when he drove into the hole in the dark.

Micki Smith, deputy director of county administrative services, said the new sinkhole is not under the roadbed and poses no threat to motorists. But it is interfering with normal water conveyance.

The sinkhole is estimated to be 15 feet long at the bottom of the drainage ditch.

Equipment from Thomas, Bennett and Hunter Inc. of Westminster will be brought in tomorrow to begin the repairs, which officials said are complicated by the sinkhole's position in the drainage ditch.

Medford Road was relocated to its current roadbed in 1990. During construction, consideration was given to the underlying limestone in the area, county officials said.

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