From The Sun April 10-16, 1844April 10: A very large...


April 10, 1994|By Fred Rasmussen

From The Sun April 10-16, 1844

April 10: A very large assemblage of persons took place yesterday afternoon, at the site of the proposed new German Reformed Church, at Paca and Saratoga streets, to witness the impressive ceremony of laying the corner stone.

April 11: An ordinance yesterday passed both branches of the Council, declaring that it shall not hereafter be lawful for any animal of the dog kind to go at large in the city.

April 13: The lovers of the delightful and healthy sport of fishing will be gratified to know that Herring Run now possesses great attraction -- the delicious little fish known as "gudgeon," having made their appearance there.

From The Sun April 10-16, 1894

April 11: A petition signed by 64 residents of Catonsville and vicinity has been presented to the Baltimore County Commissioners asking the appointment of a receiver of garbage for Catonsville and proposing Peter Tuel for the place.

April 13: Mrs. Joshua Zepp, of Spring Mills, Carroll County, died today of hiccoughs. The attack began seven days ago.

From The Sun April 10-16, 1944

April 10: Nearly 50,000 Baltimoreans gathered in a chilly, cloudy Easter dawn yesterday to participate in the city's 15th annual Easter Sunrise Service at the Municipal Stadium.

April 11: Award of the Distinguished Flying Cross to First Lieutenant James F. Keller, of 1207 East 35th Street, for "extraordinary achievement" as pilot of a Flying Fortress, was announced yesterday in a dispatch from Eighth Air Force headquarters in England.

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