Plans to re-brick Main Street hit legislative dead end

April 08, 1994

Plans to re-brick Annapolis' Main Street appear to be crumbling after the House Appropriations Committee yesterday rejected paying for a portion of it.

City officials have included $2.37 million for the project in this year's capital budget and want the state to ante up $2.5 million.

The measure cleared the Senate, but on Tuesday a House subcommittee on the capital budget deleted the project from its list and yesterday the full committee concurred.

The city now hopes the project can be revived in the final days of the legislative session when differences between Senate and House budgets must be resolved.

In his re-election bid last fall, Mayor Alfred A. Hopkins made the downtown project the top goal for his second term. The money would be used to lay new bricks on Main Street between Church Circle and Green Street, burying overhead utility lines and reconstructing sidewalks.

"I'm really disappointed," said Del. John C. Astle, a Democrat from Annapolis. "That was the thing we really needed."

The committee appeared to be following the wishes of Gov. William Donald Schaefer, who does not believe the re-bricking should be paid for from general obligation bonds and wants the county government to put up a portion of the money.

However, County Executive Robert R. Neall has refused, saying the county already has committed money to the city by building a new courthouse downtown.

"There are a lot of different issues being worked out," said City Administrator Michael Mallinoff.

Mr. Mallinoff said the city officials will be working with the county's delegation to lobby for funding for the proposal.

"I expect when it gets to conference committee, this will be resolved.

"I'm optimistic it will be worked out," he said.

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