Sandymount basketball* Grades 3-5 boys -- Andy Kuchera...


April 07, 1994|By Mike Nortrup

Sandymount basketball

* Grades 3-5 boys -- Andy Kuchera scored nine points and Ryan Cheney eight to lead Black to a 29-20 win over Green. Green's Adam Baker led all scorers with 14 points.

Red nipped Gold, 26-25, despite a 17-point performance by Gold's Kyle Zentz. Tim Love paced the Red attack with 14 points.

Matt Thompson's 12 points paced Maroon to a 20-12 victory over Orange. Adam Ridgway scored seven for Orange.

* Grades 6-8 boys -- Adam Reese scored a game-high 22 points for Blue. But Maroon was the winner, 46-43. Bo Ridgway's 18 points led Maroon.

Nick Jenkins scored 30 points to lead Green to a 58-43 win over Black. Mike Wissinger had 23 for Black.

Mike Haskell scored 25 points to lead Gold's 57-24 victory over Red. Red's Kyle Gagnon had eight.

* High school -- Black topped Green, 54-39, despite a 24-point performance from Ben Heslin. Sam Luther scored 18 for Black.

Jim Stull scored 22 points to lead White to a 55-25 victory over Gold. Tim Barnhardt scored 10 for Gold.

Blue's Dave Roush scored 43 points, but it wasn't enough to stop his team from falling to Light Blue, 83-67. Rob Krebs had 26 points for the winners.


A number of Perna gymnasts had excellent performances in a recent Level IV meet at the Perna gym.

Melissa Hiner scored 8.80 on the vault, 8.00 on floor exercises and balance beam, and 32.70 all-around. Cigi Gass had 8.90 on floor and parallel bars, and 35.35 all-around.

Jessica Shelton had a 9.00 on vault and 30.25 all-around. Jennifer Griffith scored 8.20 on vault, 8.30 on bars and 30.75 all-around.

Andrea Keefer had 9.00 on beam and 34.40 all-around. Airlia Esworthy scored 8.70 on vault and 32.05 all-around.

Lauren Reese had 8.75 on vault and 33.05 all-around. Christine Leazer had 8.50 on vault and 30.20 all-around.

Nicole Puller scored 8.30 on vault and 29.85 all-around.

Holly Erikson scored 8.40 on vault, 8.20 on floor and 32.25 all-around.

Lauren Hastings scored 8.80 on vault and 30.55 all-around.

Megan Burda scored 8.90 on vault, 8.80 on beam and 34.20 all-around.

Perna's Jenn Groszkowski recently competed in the Level X girls state meet. She scored 9.05 on vault (third), 8.60 on parallel bars (sixth), 6.50 on balance beam, 8.45 on floor exercises (fifth) and 32.60 all-around (sixth).

A number of other Perna gymnasts competed in their last Level V sectional meet of the year.

Kira Armacost scored 6.65 on vault, 6.05 on bars, 7.45 on beam, 6.50 on floor and 26.65 all-around.

Brittany Traeger had 6.90 on vault, 7.00 on bars, 8.20 on beam, 7.45 on floor and an all-around of 29.55.

Megan Newman scored 8.50 on vault, 7.45 on bars and beam, 7.75 on floor and 31.15 all-around.

Katie Mechalski had 8.20 on vault, 8.15 on bars, 8.05 on beam, 7.60 on floor and 32.00 all-around.

Kadie Thomas had 7.20 on vault, 7.80 on bars, 8.50 on beam, 7.75 on floor and 31.25 all-around.

Erin Hiner scored 6.90 on vault, 6.35 on bars, 8.10 on beam, 7.75 on floor and an all-around of 29.10.

Holly Baust had 7.40 on vault, 6.75 on bars, 8.20 on beam, 7.65 on floor and 30.00 all-around.

Perna Gymnastics will play host to the Maryland State Girls Level V gymnastics meet, April 23-24 at Westminster High School.


A number of Carroll County competitors placed in the top three in the recent Western District wrestling championships. The finishes qualified them for this weekend's regional championships at Millersville University in Millersville, Pa.

Sixteen Carroll wrestlers took individual titles.

Manchester had six winners, Westminster four, the Warriors three, Francis Scott Key two, and one was an independent.

Local wrestlers qualified in the following weights: Bantam (7-under) 52- 1. Lee Crowl, Francis Scott Key; Bantam 56- 1. Robbie Pearre, Westminster.

Midget (8-9) 54- 2. Geoff Leeper, Manchester; Midget 56- 3. Andrew Myers, Manchester; Midget 58- 1. Tyler Graham, Manchester; Midget 65- 2. Nate Yinger, Francis Scott Key.

Junior (10-11) 58- 2. Kellen Weber, Warriors; Junior 66- 3. Daniel Patterson, Warriors; Junior 70- 1. Matt Myers, Manchester, 2. Eddie Grimes, Westminster; Junior 74- 1. Bryan Hamper, Warriors; 3. Fran Jackson, Manchester; Junior 82- 1. Jesse Stank, Warriors.

Intermediate (12-13) 70- 1. Tyler Alexander, Manchester; Intermediate 80- 1. James Holmes, Manchester; Intermediate 90- John Muse, Francis Scott Key; 2. Dylan Howell, Manchester; Intermediate 95- 1. Bobby Biden, Westminster; Intermediate 115- Andy Seal, Warriors, 1. Tim Sharkey, Westminster (in different tournament); Intermediate 128- 2. Jason Hamper, Warriors; Intermediate 136- 2. Ryan Taylor, Warriors; Intermediate 146- 2. Steve Sharkey, Westminster; Intermediate 160- 1. Ryan Banks, Westminster.

Advanced (14-15) 100- 1. Randy Holmes, Manchester; Advanced 1. Ryan Etzler, Independent; Advanced 125- 1. Dameon Davis, Manchester; Advanced 152- 2. Jim Sharkey, Westminster; Elite (16-17) 125- 2. Eddy Davis, Manchester; Elite 160- 2. Justyn Weber, Warriors.


The Mason-Dixon Rugby Club swept two matches from Kent Island last weekend.

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