Favorite correction of recent vintage, from the...


April 07, 1994

...TC OUR favorite correction of recent vintage, from the wires of the Associated Press:

"WASHINGTON (AP) The Associated Press erroneously reported on April 3 that the federal government spent an average of $4,599 for every American last year.

"The figure for fiscal 1993 actually was $4,814 per American. The $4,599 figure was the per capita amount spent in fiscal 1992."

Whew! For a minute there, the deficit looked almost manageable. But thanks to the AP correction, we stand corrected.

* * *

TOO much fuss was made when Jimmy Johnson departed as coach of the Dallas Cowboys. (In National Football League games, he's the one on the sidelines flapping his arms, mistaken by the uninitiated for a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader.) And that former Oklahoma University coach Barry Switzer replaced him.

So, Johnson and owner Jerry Jones were college roommates. So, they took the Cowboys from worst to first in four years. So, he won two Super Bowls in a row and would have been chasing a third. So, the whole thing was childish pique by the owner. (A team is the owner's toy; the coach only works there; everyone knows that.)

So what?

That's the NFL. It's history. Who cares? Dallas is nowhere. Had it occurred in the Canadian Football League, at Edmonton or Calgary, it would matter.

The CFL is what's happening now.

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