Sykesville group cancels Flower Mart because not enough vendors signed up

April 07, 1994|By Mary Gail Hare | Mary Gail Hare,Sun Staff Writer

If no chairman steps forward, Sykesville's annual Fall Festival could meet the same fate as the spring Flower Mart: cancellation.

Faced with more empty spaces than vendors, the Sykesville Business Association announced Tuesday that it had canceled the May 1 Flower Mart.

"Everybody was waiting for everyone else to sign up before they would commit," said Cindy McKinney, who was working with Frank Stojinski, festival chairman.

With only two vendors signed for 40 spaces, organizers could wait no longer.

"We all feel terrible," said Craig Taylor, association president. "We couldn't get vendor participation and we weren't going to embarrass ourselves or lose money."

Ms. McKinney said a late planning start might have contributed to the festival failure. She and Mr. Stojinski began organizing the market March 1.

"We put fliers up all over town and advertised in three newspapers," she said. "Maybe we should have started earlier."

Mr. Taylor said it would be unfair to vendors who had paid the $25 entry fee to delay a decision any longer.

"We just didn't get the response we anticipated," he said. "People came to us with this idea. We did it, but they didn't show."

Mr. Taylor said most of the 47 association members favor continuing the Fall Festival, but no chairman has come forward.

"Business is strong now, and everybody only has time for his own business," he said.

At the business meeting next Thursday, members will take a final vote on the issue.

"We have to make a decision and it might be painful," Mr. Taylor said.

The 20th festival drew about 10,000 people to town last year and made about $2,500 for town projects.

"It's an important event where thousands of people can see where we are and what we are about," said Mr. Taylor, who is serving his second term as association president.

The town has organized the festival in the past and could run it again, he said.

"The festival belongs to the whole community," he said. "We as a group may not be holding it, but it's out there for whoever wants to take it over."

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