29-year-old man accused of having sex with minors

April 07, 1994|By Kris Antonelli | Kris Antonelli,Sun Staff Writer

A Davidsonville man has been charged with second-degree rape, a fourth-degree sex offense and battery for allegedly having sex with two girls, court records say.

In one case, he allegedly bought alcohol for one of the girls and encouraged her to drink it.

Kevin Michael Carlisle, 29, of the 1500 block of Patuxent Manor Road turned himself in at the Southern District county police station March 30 after the girls, 13 and 14, told police of the incidents and warrants were issued for his arrest.

A District Court commissioner released Mr. Carlisle on his own recognizance.

He was charged with two counts of a second-degree sex offense and battery for an incident that the 13-year-old said occurred Jan. 17. The fourth-degree sex offense and battery charges stemmed from an incident that the 14-year-old said occurred in September 1993.

In the September incident, the girl agreed to let Mr. Carlisle give her a ride home from a friend's house, according to court records.

When he stopped at his house on the way, the girl said she would walk the rest of the way home, but Mr. Carlisle insisted that she come inside and watch television with him, the court documents say. The girl agreed.

While inside the house, Mr. Carlisle began kissing her, the charging documents say. She tried to resist and started to leave, but Mr. Carlisle told her she was "not going anywhere," the charging documents say. He continued to kiss her and then had sex with her, the charging documents say.

During the weekend of Jan. 16-17, the parents of the 13-year-old had gone away for the weekend and left their daughter some money for food. The teen-ager, who knew Mr. Carlisle, told detectives she asked him to buy some alcohol so she could have a party with some of her friends, the charging docments said. Mr. Carlisle allegedly bought the alcohol for her, and the teen-ager said she became drunk. She said Mr. Carlisle encouraged her to keep drinking.

Later, Mr. Carlisle came into her bedroom and lay next to her on the bed, the charging docments said. He began kissing her and then took off his clothes and had sex with her the charging documents said.

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