May's Playboy has interview with Schmoke

April 07, 1994|By JoAnna Daemmrich | JoAnna Daemmrich,Sun Staff Writer

Hey, Baltimoreans, here's your chance to buy the latest issue of Playboy and tell everyone, "I only picked it up for the interview."

Mayor Kurt L. Schmoke is featured in the May issue as a man with "a pal in the White House, a plan to decriminalize drugs and a career on fire." The issue is on sale this week.

The profile, written by Sun columnist Roger Simon, portrays the two-term mayor as a man on the move, suddenly on the A-list in Washington yet focused on solving Baltimore's most stubborn problems.

He's described as cautious and analytical as he tackles crime and poverty, a high dropout rate, dilapidated public housing and the flight of the middle class to the suburbs.

In an accompanying interview, the mayor talks about his ideas on decriminalizing drugs.

The mayor says he opposes legalizing PCP, LSD and hallucinogens. However, he does favor having doctors and storefront drug clinics dispense methadone, heroin and cocaine, but strictly to help addicts get off drugs.

Asked if he has suffered from the controversy, Mr. Schmoke says, "It is a cross to bear. . . . I knew I was going to get tagged as being Mr. Drugs.

"I can tell you with certainty what America is going to look like if we don't change our current approach," he said. "That vision is a nightmare of increased urban violence, the spread of AIDS and higher levels of hard-core addiction."

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