There's real meat in this fashion trend: Spam couture

April 07, 1994|By Linda Shrieves | Linda Shrieves,Orlando Sentinel

Eventually, it had to happen.

Spam, the ugly duckling of luncheon meats, would have its day. And now, Spam fans, that day has come.

The geniuses at Hormel have unveiled the ultimate in designer apparel, the kind of fashion statement that even Porky Pig would admire. That's right, Spamwear.

Yes, executives at Hormel Foods Corp. have issued an official Spam catalog, replete with T-shirts, baseball caps and watches emblazoned with the distinctive, if boring, Spam logo.

There's even, ye gods, Spam sweat pants -- with the word Spam strategically placed on the left ham hock. All available in traditional Spam colors -- blue and yellow.

Naturally, the public is gobbling up the Spam apparel.

"We've had orders from all 50 states, Okinawa, Australia, Belgium, even the Marshall Islands," said Allan Krejci, Hormel's public relations director and the brains behind the Spam catalog, which debuted in January. "We're averaging 500 to 700 requests a week for the catalog. And we're already trying to come up with items for a new catalog."

Mr. Krejci proposed the catalog because he regularly fields calls from Spam fanatics looking for Spam T-shirts, baseball caps or anything bearing the Spam name.

The company has a small gift shop -- conveniently located near the Spam museum in Austin, Minn. -- where visitors can buy Spam T-shirts, sweat shirts and caps.

Now the catalog offers everything from a Spam cap ($7.99) to a Spam mug ($4.99). There's a Spam wind sock ($11.99) and Spam golf balls (three for $6.99). There are Spam playing cards ($4.99) and coin banks made from Spam cans (two for $1).

"We think it's a mail-order dream come true for Spam fans," said Mr. Krejci.

To order the catalog, call (507) 437-5801, or write to: Hormel Foods, 1 Hormel Place, Austin, Minn., 55912.

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