Marilyn Pick looks at the world in red and black


April 07, 1994|By Mary Corey | Mary Corey,Sun Staff Writer

It's strictly a red and black world to Marilyn Pick.

During the last eight years, she's built an entire wardrobe around just two hues. In fact, her life is ruled by this color scheme. Take her car. It's black with a red racing stripe. Or her Owings Mills home: The sofa is red. The carpet is black. Even the business card for her exercise studio -- Fitness Dimensions Inc. -- has (you guessed it) red and black lettering.

"Red as a color is exciting to me," she says. "Black sets it off. Together they're powerful and energetic. That's my personality."

Why just red and black?

When I was young, my mother always put me in red. Everyone would say what a great color that was for me. I have dark hair and light skin. Next to my picture in my high school yearbook it says "Little Red Riding Hood." I just love the brightness of red, the enthusiasm. When I walk into a store, that's all I see.

What are you trying to say with the mix?

That it contributes to a wonderfully positive outlook on life. To me, the color red is bright and cheerful. You have to feel upbeat when you wear it.

People must give you a hard time.

You want to hear teasing? It's endless. Just recently some friends told me that if I became president, we'd have a red house, not a white house. I walk in a mall, and people will say, "There's the red and black lady."

Doesn't it get boring?

People always ask me that. It makes me more creative. I have to try harder to be different. I had tights made with one red leg and one black leg. They're a conversation piece.

Your accessories are equally colorful, right?

I'm real big for red lips. I collect them. I have a black blazer with red lips on it, red lip pins and earrings with abstract red lips. They're my lucky charm.

How would you describe your style?

I have a look. With black hair and big eyes, it's hard to be low-key. I'm more wild. When I walk in a room, people turn around and look at what I'm wearing. Everyone says I look like Cher. I hear that once a day.

Where do you shop?

I buy a lot when I'm in Washington or Florida. But it's harder this spring. The colors tend to be neutrals.

What in your closet wouldn't you dare wear again?

Last year I overstocked on funky platform shoes. I got very faddish.

When did you last wear something that wasn't red or black?

It must have been about seven years ago. I went to a meeting in a pair of socks that were sort of orange. People there freaked out. I realized I have to live up to this image I've created.

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