Taking family to see O's will cost a little bit more

April 06, 1994|By Jon Morgan | Jon Morgan,Sun Staff Writer

Attending an Orioles game this season will cost more than it did last year, but after a couple of years of big increases the club has held the line on ticket and other prices, according to an annual survey.

A typical family of four that buys average tickets, two small beers, four soft drinks, four hot dogs and a few souvenirs will pay $104.96, according to Team Marketing Report, a Chicago-based newsletter.

That makes the Orioles the sixth most expensive team in the major leagues, down from fifth last year, according to the newsletter. The typical family's bill was $102.96 last year, up 25 percent from $86.61 the year before.

The cost of attending an Orioles game has risen nearly 50 percent since the team's last season at Memorial Stadium, 1991, when the typical family of four spent $70.36.

This year, the club did not raise ticket prices, keeping a weighted average cost of $11.12. But the cost of other items rose, pushing up the cost of attending by slightly less than 2 percent.

Orioles game costs are now about 10 percent above the major-league average of $95.80, which was 5.5 percent up from the year before.

The New York Yankees displaced the Toronto Blue Jays as the most expensive team in baseball, with a typical family cost of $115.25. Toronto, at $113.53, is second, followed by Atlanta ($112.96), Chicago Cubs ($108.97) and Chicago White Sox ($106.13). The least expensive club in the majors is the Cincinnati Reds, at $79.81.

Baseball is one of the least expensive major sports to attend. Recent surveys by Team Marketing Report estimate an average family of four spent $173.33 at an NFL game last season and $168.68 at an NBA game.

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